A big thank you to all the team at LJ’s Mamas Helping Mamas, I was desperate and at a loss when my premature babies arrived unexpectedly on our doorstep during covid. No shops had stock, no services were open, but LJ’s supplied us with absolutely lovely ,clean items within hrs. I enjoyed setting up the nursery and sorting all their tiny clothing... we felt supported and surrounded by the love of  the Gold Coast community in a desperate time in a way we couldn't have imagined...

The twins are doing so well

Thank you to the team at LJ’s Mamas Helping Mamas, volunteers and the Gold Coast community that supports them.

We are forever grateful,

Lesson family

To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to recommend LJ’s Mama’s Helping Mama’s and I honestly can’t say how grateful I am for the support and help I’ve received.

I’ve been a kinship carer for around 8 years and a full time carer for over 3 years.  I’ve never received any help from any organisation and at times it’s taken many weeks before I’ve had any form of financial support. I can’t get any Centrelink payments until the babies births are registered and this can take months as CS tries to wait for the parents to do the paperwork so anything the babies need is 100% funded by myself.

I recently found out I was getting premmie twins who are siblings to my 2 permanent foster children and sent LJ’s an email at about 8pm on a Monday night to see if they could help with a pack of pemmie nappies or can of formula. I had a phone call within 5 minutes offering not just nappies and formula but also wipes, clothing, blankets and wraps, a cot, capsule, baby monitor, baby carrier, rocking swing, portacot, pram, bottles, even clothing or nappies for my 1 and 3 year old foster kids.

The list just goes on and on, to say I was completely speechless and in tears is an understatement and the crazy thing is they had everything ready for pick up the next morning. I couldn’t have managed without their support as I’m a mum to 6 of my own children and because the babies were so tiny the outlay I was looking at was huge. A 000000 onesie costs $30-$35 each and can only be brought from baby shops so it was adding up so fast. I would say I personally spent over $500 the first day trying to prepare for the babies so finding LJ’s Mama’s Helping Mama’s was a total godsend as they’ve been a constant help ever since. I highly recommend their services to any carers in need of help.

Yours Sincerely


Angela Campbell

Thankyou to Ljs mamas helping mamas for the amazing service they provide help carers like myself look after children in care. The babies and children we care for come with nothing in most situations having ljs mama's helping mamas behind us makes all the difference to us focusing our live and time on these traumatised little ones...

Thankyou again for not only providing such lovely clean, safe items, but being a 24hrs service...

As emergency carers, its something we desperately needed.

Kind Regards


My partner and I wanted to thank you , everyone who donate and support LJ's Mama's Helping Mamas and the people who work for them.

We hit rock bottom with 3 small kids and a newborn and were struggling . LJ's Mama's Helping Mama’s supported us with nappies, wipes, formula and a new carseat for bub for 2 months until we got back on our feet..

Amazing work guys!


I'd like to thank LJ's Mama's Helping Mama's for being there during the covid crisis  for me and my precious baby Alice. I am on my own with no support, struggling with disabilities after DV. I don't usually ask for help, but I found myself with no support with a newborn baby.  A friend put me onto LJ's Mama’s helping Mamas. The ladies were so lovely and supportive.  I don't know how I would have got through that time without help. I hope I can volunteer my time or help in other ways with their amazing service.  Thank you ladies.